Our clothing need to be our friend! All day, every day.

By racing in some harsh and unpredictable weather, we need to be able to rely on our gear – for success and for safety.

Montane are mainsponsor of the event and supply with prices and gear for the big crew.

Pack your most need gear, food and water.
But where ?
USWE have designed a “No Dancing money” bag pack perfect running and biking. Bring it for your next Adventure! 

USWE are products sponsor to prizes and giveaways.

Beal produce high end climbing equipment. They push the limits for what you can explore with guarantee unfailing safety. 100% of their dynamic ropes are from recyclable. Because every action counts.

Beal are our cornerstone with equipment for our climbing stages.

Ranceo are Danish produced lights, headlamps and industrial lighting.

For adventure race we found the RANCEO PHi8R very perfekt for moving at night and dark places. It has a bright big light bulb, very low weight and are rechargeable. 

Ranceo give products prizes.

A clean and well lubed drive chain are one of the most important things to have a working bike.

Squirt have made a lube with high concentration of vax, that does not gather dirt. It makes perfect sense to use as it prolongs the life of your drivetrain by reducing friction and improving shifting.

After a race you need to chill out with a great beer.

Spy Brew have made a handcrafted Honey Ale with a custom Kong Vinter label. Its a nano brewery in Hvidovre.

Biking with a map in your hand is not ideal.
Problem solved with Autopilot map board for your bike.
It holds the map and can be turned 360 while bilking

The shop Abel-Nielsen also help as crew and sell at the startline to pre booked boards. 

See our test of the Carbon map board

Vermeer Denmark offers equipment for arborists and tree climbing. All kinds of ropes, equipment, footwear and special clothing for arborists. Vermeer are the shop to visit if you need special climbing gear for trees.

Vermeer helps with with equipment for our climbing stages.

Pro-Safe produced and supplied RIB vessels and associated safety products. The distribute the kayak brand YAK that produce high end kayak and canoe equipment. 

Pro-Safe give products prizes.