This page will have alot of testimonial from people how has done the race in the past.

I’ve taken part in Kong Winter two times, both great experiences! It’s very versatile with great orienteering and will certainly break some stereotypical ideas about Denmark. It’s not flat and it’s not open ground! Racing in January might through all kinds of weather in the mix, so it’s a short adventure with a long adventure feel. Kong Vinter are a great Adventure Race every has to try.
Silver Eansaar – Estonian Ace Adventure Racing Team
2. best AR team in the world (ARWS ranking)
WorldChampion 24 hour Rogaining 2012, 13 & 14

Silva Kong Vinter is a great adventure race with good orienteering and great maps. Always a great course. Kayak in Copenhagen Harbour was one of my highlights. I have participated 6 times and i comeback.
Petri Forsman – Team Nokia Finland
Worldchampion Adventure Race 2001

There was so much to happen on Kong Vinter. Good deal of climbs, a lot of navigation, ropeworks, kayaking… You would not expect this in a 24hour race in all-flat Danmark. Yet, we got a complete package.
Pavel Paloncý, Czech adventure race

Kong Winter is one of the best ‘shorter’ competitions I participated in. Tough courses, good maps and very nice terrain. An awesome winter adventure.
Tomas Nordlander, Sweco adventure – Sweden

Johan Hasselmark, Swedish Armed Forces Adventure Team

Super godt designet løb, hvor man kommer til at mærke naturen helt ind på kroppen. Et løb hvor man bliver  udfordret på både terræn, navigation discipliner og udstyr. Konsekvensen ved dårligt tøjvalg, eller et lille “rul” i kajakken er bare større i januar måned:-). Men det er lige præcis det der gør løbet til noget helt ekstraordinært…Og så selvfølgelig buffeten i mål.
Torbjørn Gasbjerg, Yeti Adventure team
Danish AR champion 11, 12, 13, 18
World Champion MTB-O

Why do I  go out into the freezing cold, and try to keep warm until midnight only wearing a thin set of wet running clothe. Because it is FUN and CHALLENGING and Kong Vinter always delivers: Big adventure and well planned routes. I have participated in Kong Vinter multiple times and they have always had something epic happening in their race.
– One year the prologue was 36 km of orienteering
– One year the best choice was to go with spikes in the tires due to heavy snowfall.
– One year we thought we could wade a section but ended up swimming..
– Last year I found out why the Black Diamond (building at Copenhagen harbor) has its name as they had planned the kayak stage well and the sun reflected the waves on the front of the building. Al in All if you want a No nonsense adventure race with one of the best route planners in Denmark try out Kong Vinter.
Niels Torp Madsen, Salomon Adventure

Despite being early season Kong Vinter is one of my favorite Danish adventure races. The course is well planes and all ways full of surprises. Combined with the rough winter weather the race is guaranteed to be both tough and a good experience
Thure Kjaer, Denmark, 5 time participant

Kong Vinter is great way to start the season and they always put together top courses and every year come up with new areas often not used for AR before. I have raced it several times and always really enjoyed this well organised adventure
Bjarke Refslund, 5 time participant